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  • 28th, August
    Cosmetic Surgery Holidays in Thailand.

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and having a glimpse into my world. It is my goal to be share with you my knowledge and experience from your  answering all of your questions, referring you to the best surgeon or dentist and hospital for your individual needs to arranging and planning every aspect of…

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  • 20th, March
    ” Do I have to have a breast lift if my breasts sag?”

    ” Do I have to have a breast lift if my breasts sag?” is the most common question we hear!   The answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or now and depends upon many factors! Keep reading because it’s about knowledge and arming with yourself with as much information as you…

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  • 24th, January
    Male cosmetic surgery is increasing….

      At Cosmetic Holidays International, the majority of our clients and surgeries  are on women. Over the past few years, however, I have seen an increased demand from men requesting surgeries as well. Some of this may be related to baby boomers who have taken good care of themselves and desire to look as good…

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  • 12th, October
    Is cosmetic surgery the new acceptable face of womanhood?

    It was once considered extreme, but cosmetic surgery has become normalised. In fact, writes , refusing to ‘have work done’ has made her unusual in many social circles. But is a more perfect self always a happier one? More women are turning to cosmetic procedures due to increased availability, a rise in disposable income and…

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  • 10th, October
    Bangkok Boob Jobs! Nip ‘tuck surgery at US medical Standards.

    IF you knew a medical procedure you needed could be done at the same quality but half the price internationally, would you jump on a plane to have it done? It is estimated that around 15,000 Australians are heading overseas for nip tuck holidays every year, spending a total of $300 million on medical procedures…

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  • 10th, October
    Is it OK for women to pop their Botox cherry in their early 20s?

    When is the right time to pop your Botox cherry? IT’S THE point of conversation that’s crept in to every coffee date I’ve had this week. Scratch that — make it this month. Furrows and frown lines, bags and birdsfeet — at 26, I’ve officially started to see the signs of ageing; and I’m not…

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  • 10th, October
    Lip fillers, rhinoplasty, boob jobs and Botox: The rise of ‘natural-looking’ plastic surgery

    *As seen SEPTEMBER 16, Nadia Salem; News Corp Australia Network* Aussiewoman want to look more like celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski. LIP fillers, rhinoplasty, boob jobs and Botox. Young Australian women are now demanding “natural-looking” plastic surgery and subtle cosmetic enhancements to resemble Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid. A leading Australian plastic surgeon has reported…

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  • 09th, October
    I’m having a Botox party!

    First it was the Tupperware party. Then Enyo.Now the new millennium has brought its own twist on the traditional female gathering – the cosmetic surgery party. Growing numbers of women – and even some men – are lining up alongside celebrities to get the latest anti-wrinkle treatment, the Botox injection. The Botox party night has become a…

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  • 06th, October
    Are dental holidays in Bali a thing?

    *Published 29Jul, 2016by Australian Times in EXPAT LIFE*  A dental holiday in Bali? What’s that about? Let’s start from the beginning. If you are a Kiwi or an Aussie you will surely know Bali. Bali is for the Aussies as Majorca is for the Brits: one of the most popular holiday destinations outside of their own country….

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  • 05th, October
    Redefine yourself in Thailand! Cosmetic Surgery Just for Men

    The reality is that men are just as concerned about looks as females, but for far too long have been just expected to acknowledge and accept whatever undesired problem we have and simply just suffer in cold silence. Here are several more and more are getting cosmetic surgery. At Cosmetic Holidays International, believes you have…

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  • 04th, October
    Do the perfect pair of boobs really exist? Surgeon has come up with a ‘magic formula’ for the ideal breasts

    Yes there IS such a thing as the perfect pair, and what’s more it’s been scientifically proven by a top Plastic Surgeon! The perfect pair is all down to the math!!!! Science has settled some pretty big arguments in its time but this could be the biggest of all. There IS such a thing as the…

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About Me

I am the company founder Claire Licciardo of Cosmetic Holidays International and I have had five years of experience in the medical tourism industry.

I am on a first-name basis with the elite surgeons at Bangkok International Hospital in Phuket and I ONLY deal with the very best – those who have

helped the hospital earn a coveted “Gold Stamp” in medical care.

We at Cosmetic Holidays International pride ourselves on offering clients a personalised service – we are happy to share our knowledge, offer genuine care, advice and personal guidance throughout the entire process.

That’s because we want to make sure the medical services and genuine care you receive with Cosmetic Holidays International is of a world-class standard.

Indeed, nothing less than the very best will do.

Let Cosmetic Holidays International organise your cosmetic surgery holiday-of-a-lifetime and save you between 30% and 70% of the price of the same procedures in Australia.


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    Breast Surgery

    A form of surgery performed on the breast including breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast implants and breast lifting.

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    Cosmetic Sugery

    An optional procedure that is performed on normal parts of the body with the only purpose of improving a person’s appearance and/or removing signs of aging.

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    Body Contouring

    Body contouring is a general term that refers to any surgical procedure that alters different areas of the body, whether it is in a massive weight loss patient or not.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dental work that improves the appearance of your smile and teeth.

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    Cosmetic Liposuction

    Cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different sites on the human body. Areas affected can range from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, to the neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere.

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    Face & Neck Lifts

    A cosmetic surgery procedure used for surgical removal of wrinkles to give a more youthful facial appearance..

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We at Cosmetic Holidays International pride ourselves on offering clients a personalised service – we are happy to share our knowledge, offer genuine care, advice and personal guidance throughout the entire process.

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