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05th, October
Redefine yourself in Thailand! Cosmetic Surgery Just for Men

The reality is that men are just as concerned about looks as females, but for far too long have been just expected to acknowledge and accept whatever undesired problem we have and simply just suffer in cold silence. Here are several more and more are getting cosmetic surgery.

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This article is about cosmetic surgery for regular guys, so if you have every wondered what kind of surgery regular guys get (we get asked that a lot), read on….


Male vanity is reaching new peaks!  Cosmetic surgery has gone mainstream and thus totally socially acceptable for men to seek ways to stay ‘forever’ young.

What’s popular among men?

In 2003, men accounted for 13% of the more than eight million cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. Now, as you may have guessed, most men aren’t getting boob jobs. They are in fact getting a type of boob jobs-  reduction of gynecomastia, or abnormally large male breasts.

Vaser Liposuction: In our society where  obesity is quickly becoming the biggest health problem, it’s not surprising that liposuction is tops. Liposuction is priced upon areas. Depending upon your individual needs the  price varies according to just how much fat you would like, or need to be removed from specific areas.

Nose jobs, officially called rhinoplasty : A very popular procedure for men to reduce the size of their nose. A lot have had broken noses also needing a Septoplasty.


Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty):  a reduction of the upper or lower eyelids.  This minor procedure performed under a local or general anaesthetic costs as little as $1,000 generally used to open brighten the eyes and take years off!

Hair transplants: among the various less drastic solutions (the killer combover, the rug, the weave and, of course, hair-in-a-can), some men still opt for the surgery. There are a few different techniques, however is per hair, and the total price is dependant upon the size of the area.


Other popular procedures include the facelift (forehead, mid-lower and neck lift ), having pearly white porcelain veneers  (Around  $430 per tooth) to ear tucks, pectoral and calf implants and chin augmentation.


Look at celebrities that have had cosmetic surgery

From Al Pacino to Calvin Klein, check out the celebs who have “improved” their features…We learn a lot about plastic surgery through its poster boys — celebrities.



Everyone in Tinseltown is getting pinched, lifted and pulled to a more youthful look.


Porcelain tooth veneer



Hair transplants



why men do it

One possible explanation for the upswing among men: to emulate famous people. MTV’s I Want a Famous Face is obvious evidence, while across the pond, Italians are following their prime minister’s lead. Silvio Berlusconi was reluctant to admit to his recent surgery, but since doing so around Christmas of 2003, the number of people asking for cosmetic surgery in Italy has increased by 30%.

Not only that, but the average age of people looking for facial improvement has lowered.

What does this mean?

For young men endowed with the very unattractive combination of insecurity and laziness, body surgery such as pec implants or liposuction is a shortcut to get the body they want.- just another way to search for the Fountain of Youth.